What We’re Not…

After explaining our expertise hundreds of times we realized that sometimes it’s easier to first describe “what we’re not” to clarify your benefit for working with BottomLine Advantage…

BottomLine Advantage is not an equipment vendorWe do not sell equipment or services, supplies and do not service equipment. Rather, we are a team of niche expense category experts that leverage over 53 years of actual, real-world vendor experience to eliminate “Profit Siphons” that continuously drain profit from your bottom line.

A Profit Siphon is the gap between information that’s available to you as a customer and the vendor’s “industry insiders” secrets. Our process simultaneously benchmarks and maintains (typically enhances) your product/service quality and vendor support.

Specialized knowledge, experience, and proven process are focused on ensuring that you receive the best value that vendors can offer.  Which in turn, eliminates your “Profit Siphons” and recaptures lost profit dollars.

BottomLine Advantage is completely aligned with your best interests and has no affiliations or partnerships with any vendor or manufacturer.  Unbiased objectivity is the key to your exceptional results.

We’re never compensated in any way by any vendor or manufacturer.

Our process is performance-based and risk-free, there’s NO upfront cost and your hard dollar results are GUARANTEED upfront.

You stay in complete control of all milestone decisions.  You don’t have to change vendors.

How Can We Help?

Our mission is to identify and eliminate “Profit Siphons” that are insidiously draining away hundreds of thousands of your profit dollars.

I appreciated that working with you didn’t take much of my or my staff’s time. We provided some current cost information and you took it from there. I felt the project flowed smoothly and produced results we were pleased with. There’s nothing I would have changed.

Lew Humphrey
Controller, Jacobs Entertainment

Your process uncovered areas of vendor evaluation and cost analysis that we would not have known to explore. You exceeded our expectations and we are very happy we worked together.

Mick Lynch
Senior Vice President, Treasurer, The IMA Financial Group, Inc.

The results of the project BottomLine Advantage completed for us exceeded my expectations. You permanently changed the vendor evaluation benchmarks that we were using and I recommend to other companies that they allow you to work your “magic” on their behalf.

Mike James
Vice President and CFO, Gordmans Management Company

Now that I have been able to examine BA’s cost reduction system close-up I realize that it would have been practically impossible for us to achieve the same level of savings they did. It is not often that I can say that I was delighted by the service that I received; however, in the case of BA this was the case.

Bob Engel
Regional Controller, Clear Channel – Denver

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