Case Studies

The Case Studies listed below are a sampling of the results clients have received working with BottomLine Advantage:

A Hidden Enemy to Your Profits:

How can you tell if your operating budget is leaking profits? It’s a difficult question because profit leaks are typically hidden.

Your team has several data points they can use to try to determine if you have Profit Siphons within your operating budget. They are:

  1. Your current costs for an expense category
  2. Vendor responses to a bid request
  3. Peer sized company costs for the same expense category
  4. GPO cost information for the same expense category

The challenge is that your team still doesn’t know what’s possible.

Knowing What’s Possible:

A Profit Siphon is the gap between information that’s available to you as a customer and the vendor’s “industry insiders” secrets.

And to discover vendor’s “insider secrets” you need a guide. A person that’s been within the vendor industry that supports the expense category you’re researching.

You may be fortunate enough to have a team member that’s a former member of executive management of that industry.  If so, for that one expense category, you’re all set.

They can measure the difference between your current situation and the value that the industry vendors could provide (“value” meaning pricing, product and support).

If you don’t have a team member with those qualifications, reach out us using any of the methods listed at the top or bottom of this web page.

Without cost or risk, we’ll confirm whether Profit Siphons are lurking unnoticed within your operating budget, draining away your profits.


How Can We Help?

Our mission is to identify and eliminate “Profit Siphons” that are insidiously draining away hundreds of thousands of your profit dollars.

I’m writing to confirm our appreciation for the cost reduction services of BottomLine Advantage. You were responsive, easy to work with and added additional value to our team.

Ben E. Harris, II
Sr. Procurement Manager- Real Estate & Facilities Indirect Procurement, Citrix

Besides the cost savings, we can now better manage our equipment fleet with the information and tools that your project supplied. BottomLine Advantage did deliver what you said you would and therefore, I would recommend your service to other companies.

Raymond Seabrook
Senior VP and CFO, Ball Corporation

By being involved in various parts of the project, I learned a process and industry details that will help me evaluate future agreements. From my personal experience, I highly recommend BottomLine Advantage’s services.

Gene Roberts
Facilities Manager, Air Methods Corporation

I would recommend to your potential clients that they complete their “due diligence” on BottomLine Advantage and your process. I feel certain they will be pleased they did.

Don Thuente
Senior Vice President/Treasurer, FirstBank Holding Company

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